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What is nail polish gel?

What is nail polish gel?


   Nail polish gel is a relatively new type of nail art, which has the characteristics of being slightly toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly, and healthy. It has the luster of gel and the color of oil, and is more durable, easy to operate, and more convenient and diverse in the design of nail art patterns than ordinary nail polish. There are various classifications of nail polish, including solid color nail polish, luminous nail polish, 3D phantom nail polish, and so on.

  There are many advantages: strong gloss, long retention time, environmentally friendly texture, no harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and toluene, simple operation, easy removal (removal also takes only ten minutes, after the nail remover is softened, it can be removed without polishing, removal, and nail damage), just like applying nail polish, and then photo therapyfor about one minute in the light therapy lamp (the time of light therapy lamp will be different for different product brands). It can be applied in a single color, can be gradually designed, can be sketched, and can change makeup in a variety of ways. Good quality nail polish gel has more durability and is not easy to peel off.


What is photo therapy nail?


photo therapy nails have the same stubbornness, elasticity, and are not easily broken as natural nails. It is an advanced nail simulation technology that can solidify the photo therapygel through the light and action of the ultraviolet A line. The pure natural resin material is used, which can not only protect the nail and nail plate functions, but also effectively correct the nail shape, making the nail more transparent and moving.



Differences and similarities between nail polish gel and photo therapy

 The similarity between photo therapynail and nail polish gel is that they are not easy to fall off. But photo therapynail polish cannot be removed with nail polish remover, it can only be removed with a grinding knife, while nail polish gel can be removed with specialized nail polish remover. In addition, photo therapyfor nail polish is relatively expensive, usually costing over 100 yuan, while nail polish gel costs 50 to 60 yuan. For nails, photo therapycan cause significant damage; If for the human body, both of them are less harmful to the human body compared to nail polish.

How to choose a good nail polish adhesive?

1Look at the color chart

1. Color - Focus on the color difference between the color chart and the actual product.


2. Color - Personally try to apply it. After photo therapy, if the sealing layer is not applied, the color will be better, indicating that the formula is made of A-grade material.

3. Texture - The raw materials are mixed by the base and the base gel. If the color paste and base gel cannot blend well, and even have layering, it is definitely not a good gel.

4. Thickness - The color of the color chart is related to the thickness of the nail polish gel applied. A good adhesive is one that can be evenly colored by applying a thin layer of paint with one stroke, while a product that has been applied very thick to achieve a beautiful color is worth considering.

2When selecting nail polish gel, be sure to apply it yourself. Only by personally experiencing can one feel the characteristics of nail polish gel. Feeling the viscosity and degree of coloring of the nail polish gel, the quality of the brush, and the feel of the bottle cap... After photo therapy, we focus on checking whether the gel shrinks, whether the surface is smooth, and whether there are bubbles or wrinkles.

What are the types of nail polish gel/photo therapygel products?

Basic photo therapyproducts can be divided into: base gel (colorless and transparent), photo therapy color gel (canned visible color type color gel), colored nail polish gel (color gel), sealing gel (colorless and transparent), extended gel modeling gel (colorless and transparent), one-step gel (color gel), color drawing thread gel (thin head color gel), etc.

1. Currently, the technology of colored nail polish gel is mature and innovative, and the products are constantly being updated. There are various types of nail polish gel on the market, such as temperature changing nail polish gel, cat's eye nail polish gel, glass gel (jelly color texture), bubble nail polish gel (polka dot color sequin), and so on.

2. The peripheral products of the base adhesive include: anti warping and anti detachment bonding agent (a combination product used before the base adhesive to strengthen firmness), balance liquid (the first product used before the base adhesive and bonding agent of nail oil adhesive, without the need for light baking, it is a new generation product, which is an auxiliary product for balancing nail oil, removing nail impurities, and making the entire process more perfect.

3. The sealing adhesive is divided into: scrubbing sealing layer (after baking, it needs to be wiped with gel cleaning water or alcohol to cure, although the operation is complicated, the gloss effect is visible to all), no washing sealing layer (the sealing layer can be completed without scrubbing), 3D frosted sealing layer (special effect products, a new generation of products that can instantly turn the color into a frosted matte texture)

4. Elongation gel is a type of model gel that is mainly used to extend the shape of nails through light curing. It is also known as model paste, shaping gel, or transparent gel. The principle is the same as nail polish gel curing, and its function is to extend short nails. It is an essential product for people to complete photo therapynails, and it is now widely popular in nail salons (see the operation method below).

5. The new generation of "one-step adhesive" has entered the market in the past two years. Its principle is as the name suggests. The one-step nail polish adhesive does not require a bottom adhesive seal layer, and can be directly applied after lighting. However, the product belongs to immature technology products, and its durability needs to be considered.

6. Guy gel (also known as paint gel) is a thin head colored nail polish gel. The difference is that its brush head is a thin head. It is suitable for painting flowers, French nails, and embellishments. It is easy to use and is a necessary product for creative nail enhancement.

How to operate nail polish gel on your own? (Click to view the graphic and text steps)

Generally speaking, to complete a set of nail polish gel, you need a base gel, colored nail polish gel (colored gel), and sealing gel. After each step of application, you only need to use a photo therapymachine to cooperate with irradiation to easily complete (the illumination time is determined by the W watt and power of the photo therapymachine, so using a good photo therapylamp is also particularly important. It is recommended to use a high-end photo therapymachine, 20-30 seconds; ordinary photo therapymachines take 1-4 minutes).

The simple operation process is: apply base gel → light therapy lamp irradiation → apply color gel → light therapy lamp irradiation → apply sealing gel → light therapy lamp irradiation → wipe the sealing layer with gel cleaning water (no need for this step for wash free sealing layer) → complete.

The perfect operation process is: trim nails → polish nail surface → apply bonding agent → light therapy lamp irradiation → apply base gel → light therapy lamp irradiation → apply color gel → light therapy lamp irradiation → apply sealing layer → light therapy lamp irradiation → wipe sealing layer with gel cleaning water (no need for wash sealing layer) → complete.

Extension gel operation method: Apply base gel → Light therapy lamp irradiation → Attach paper tray for fixation → Extend the length of the upper extension gel → Light therapy lamp irradiation → Apply the second layer of extension gel → Light therapy lamp irradiation (full effect) → Tear off the paper tray → Decorate the nail (file or nail clipper) → Complete.

How to operate a regular (square box) photo therapygel on your own?

The operation process is the same as that of nail polish gel, requiring the assistance of a photo therapypen. The canned colored sequin gel is a hot selling product, and most customers use it to make sparkling and gradient sequin nails, with a super sparkling BLING-BLING aesthetic. The main varieties include: large sequin type, diamond brilliant (delicate sequin) type, laser type (diamond shaped sequin), and glass jelly type (generally used for making glass armor or making jelly colored and textured photo therapyarmor). The photo therapygel has the remarkable feature of super flashing and emitting a colorful light.

How to remove photo therapynail and nail polish gel? (Click to view the graphic and text steps)

Required essential items: cotton, tin foil, nail polish remover (non regular nail polish remover), steel push (dead skin push), sponge polishing file strips

Auxiliary supplies (optional): polishing blocks, nail removal covers (new products in the store), and nutritional oils.

Armor removal process:

1. Dip cotton in an appropriate amount of nail washing water

2. Cover the entire surface of the nails with it

3. Tear off the tin foil and wrap your fingers securely

4. Wait for 10-15 minutes (using a nail removal kit to cover your fingers at the same time for better results)

5. Remove the tin foil cotton

6. Use a steel push to slowly push down from the base of the nail

7. Polish and remove surface residues

8. Use a polishing block to restore the nails to a bright surface

9. After applying nutritional oil to the nail surface, gently massage the fingerskin to absorb it

After the launch of the new generation product "nail removal bag" in the market, it has been favored by many customers. Its convenient and fast nail removal process makes everything so simple, suitable for people who operate at home. Because each bag can only be removed with one finger, the cost for nail salons is too high, and most nail salons do not purchase it.

Instructions for using the armor removal kit:

10. Tear open one nail removal bag, insert a finger into it, and align the cotton piece inside the nail removal bag with the nail surface

11. Fold the square shaped small bag around your fingers until it is fully enclosed.

After 5 minutes, take it out and you will find that the gel has been softened.

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